google home setup

Setup your Google Home device

With the Google Home device, it’s time to explore the world of entertainment to the best with the smart speakers. These models always stand ahead with top features and specifications. If you love entertainment connect your speaker and give away your voice commands to make the required selections that you prefer. You can play music, make voice calls, set reminders, alarms and connect any devices such as smartphone, tablets and mobile phones.

Latest speaker models

  • Google home, Google Home mini and Google Home Max are three different Google Home speaker models that you can choose.
  • Select the latest and best smart speaker model and get it to explore the world of entertainment to the best.
  • As the features and specifications of each device vary it is your interest to choose the one that you like
  • Let us have a quick review of the top features and specifications of Google Home setup steps to connect it to any device that you like

latest speaker models

Requisites for Google home setup

The requisites such as Google home app, Good speed network and a Google account is required for Google home setup

Google Home Features

  • Quality

    • Get the Google home smart speaker with attractive features and specifications
    • Good design that attracts most of the customers
    • Excellent audio quality
    • Sound quality is extremely good and all you need to do is to speak clearly with your voice commands
    • The song library will have the collection of interesting music beats that you will surely love watching
    • Supports all language formats -English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Japanese
  • Music

    • If you love music, we have Pandora premium music service to listen to your favorite music beats
    • In addition to Pandora premium, you can also access Google Play Music, YouTube Music and Spotify
    • It is the smart speaker available at affordable cost and most of the customers prefer to buy it
    • Measures around 5.62*3.79 inches and it is easy to carry the device
    • There are settings available to change and adjust the device volume
    • If you have a Google home account you can connect any external devices that you like
  • Features

    • Use the compatible voice commands to control any number of devices at the same time
    • Bluetooth feature always help to import contacts from any external devices such as smartphones tablets or TV
    • Use the compatible settings or add the option to append an external device
    • Use the voice assistant technology that will help to easily detect all your voice commands
    • You can perform multiple tasks at the same time
    • Latest and compatible software that offers excellent performance
  • Voice Command

    • All your questions will be answered right away as you speak with your voice commands
    • Will always remind you of the day to day tasks and all you need to do is to set the reminders
    • Also, set a timer and do not miss any of your regular routines
    • Use the calendar if you do not want to miss any of the most important dates
    • Select the shopping list to which you can add or remove items
    • Get the weather reports, day to day news updates and lot more

google home features

How to connect and execute Google Home setup?

If you have Google Home device at your home here we explain you the quick guide to connect your device and complete Google Home setup

  • Use the power cable to power up your device and ensure that you slide it properly in the required slot
  • Turn on your device and use a Google account to connect your device.
  • To create a Google account you need to provide the required data or information visiting the respective webpage
  • Sign in to your Google home account with the credentials

Download the Google Home app

  1. You require a Google Home app to use the device. To start with the app download navigate to the app store and start your search
  2. As soon as you get the search results select the app and click on the download tab
  3. The very next step is to navigate to device setup settings and start adding the device
  4. Make the device selection and it can be a mobile phone, tablet or TV
  5. To add the device tap on the plus symbol and start adding the device to the account
  6. Wait for a while and the app will be automatically connected to the device
  7. As you go on with the setup you will be prompted to connect the device to the network You are free to select the required wireless connection from the list
  1. Type the wireless network credentials and carry on with the prompts visible on the screen
  2. The app settings will give you a prompt to set the location
  3. Provide the payment information if you receive a prompt and carry on with the remaining steps
  4. Wait for a while until the device gets connected to the app
  5. Set the language and display. Personalize the settings that you prefer
  6. As you wait, your device will automatically scan all the nearby devices
  7. Make the device selection
  8. Payment options are available and you can select the compatible methods
  9. The last and final step is to speak with your voice commands

Start using the device

  • Once if the above steps are done you can connect any music services such as Pandora and listen to the music beats that you like
  • Control any device with your voice commands
  • Check out the top features and specifications of Google home before you buy.
  • Refer the quick guide, complete the Google home setup instructions and speak with your voice commands to make the required selections

To avoid errors using Google home app

In case if you come across any errors as you use Google home device here are some of the tips and tricks that you can follow

  • Check the Google home app that you use and ensure that it is compatible
  • If not you can uninstall the app and try installing it once again
  • Check the internet connection that you use and make sure that it is valid and compatible
  • Restart the device and Google home app once and then check if the errors resolve
  • Make sure that your voice commands are clear and you speak with normal volume. Select the best commands
  • Check the Google account and ensure that the account is valid. If not you can try creating a new account providing the required data in the required space
  • Try not to connect multiple devices at the same time to same Google account
  • If the error is associated with the network connection that you use you can try using a different network connection
  • Check and verify the app settings and make sure that it is valid
  • Ensure that you connect both your mobile device and Google home to the same network connection
  • The device location information that you provide must be valid
  • You can also try servicing your device once and there are no charges for the devices under warranty period
  • Get a new device and start the device activation steps again and try not to miss any of the steps
  • If the above steps don’t work you can uninstall the app, disconnect the device from the power source, network and try connecting a new device
  • To find the best Google home speaker, features and specifications, go to our website and read the information available.

To know more about Google home setup steps, note down the customer support number and start ringing it right away to get more updates